Bali Legal Consulting provide following services:

    - Land and Villa Acquisition
       In the context of human life, acquisition of Land (with or without Villa) is a kind of time of early childhood. This is the stage that will influence the future of your Hideaway Place in Bali. If you choose the wrong direction, the remaining of your future could only bring more headache disregard that you have a lot of headache already at your Vaterland.
         The wrong direction could be in the form of acquire Land and Villa in form of rental the land from the other party or using Nominee. The other wrong direction could be also that the land is allocate for Religious purpose instead of housing. So it will require further consideration and verification before acquire the land (with or without Villa)

   - Land and Villa Dispute

       This stage have many variant. It could be in the stage of the Buyer have so many disagreement with the Purchaser or the Buyer knew something that already too late for him or her to cancel the transaction. Even the sell and purchase before the Notary not yet execute, the consensus with the Seller (individual, property broker etc) a long with schedule of payment without early verification of the land, shall be consider in the dispute stage rather in acquisition. The difference with the dispute that elapse days and even Months is that this kind of dispute could be customize to minimize the future risk for the Buyer. It will require further examination and verification to make a clear distinction regarding the risk mitigation for the interest of the buyer between aging Dispute (dispute consumate days even years) and new dispute.

   - Investment
      Investment assistance including in the stage of drafting the MOU, establish PMA Company and also negotiation on the Legal Issue.

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